About Us

Vision Philosophy Aim

Children are capable, active and resourceful learners and our educators will support and promote this through a positive start to early education and care.

Each child will be socially and emotionally prepared to take on all life has to offer and they will be provided with an environment where each child can learn and grow through play to their potential.

Our philosophy is simple, we believe children learn from real things and from things they actually experience in their environment. We believe all children are individuals who develop at their own pace. We feel play is essential to each child’s development. Play is the process by which feelings, ideas and experiences are expressed and organised into a child’s world.

Education is experiencing and understanding, which comes from personal participation and involvement. Learning is listening, looking, living, caring and experiencing. Children are actively involved in learning in a stimulating, safe and nurturing learning environment.

Richmond Preschool has a daily routine, which helps us provide a sense of security for the children in our care. Individualised and group learning programs are influenced by The Early Years Learning Framework, designed and implemented by highly experienced and trained educators.

It is important that we provide opportunities for children to create, experiment, discover, explore, investigate, express ideas, and solve problems with the support of their peers and educators. We see children as being capable and resourceful, therefore we provide an environment that develops and extends a child’s interests and strengths whilst encouraging further development.

Overall we aim to promote self-esteem, and positive attitudes to learning in an atmosphere which combines emotional, psychological, social, intellectual and physical security allowing opportunities for choice, fun, enjoyment, challenge and active participation in meaningful experiences.

Each child’s diverse background is acknowledged and reflected in our values and opinions and is a vital resource in the building of relationships with children, families and educators.

Our Aim is to encourage in each child:

  • Confidence and curiosity.
  • Happiness and honesty within themselves.
  • Interest in the world around them.
  • Growth in all areas of development.
  • Respect for themselves, others and the environment, through an atmosphere of warmth and security that nurtures independence and identity.
  • A sense of responsibility for their actions and behaviour.
  • Communication with those around them.
  • Positive interactions between family members, peers, educators and the community.

How we operate

Richmond Preschool is a not for profit community based preschool licenced by Department Education and Communities for 40  3 to 5 year old children per day.

We aim to provide quality play based early education and care for children within the Hawkesbury.

All families become financial members of the Association on payment of the enrolment/registration fee.

Our Director/Nominated Supervisor oversees the daily running and management of the preschool. The Management Committee is the licensee.

Richmond Preschool is an early learning educational centre for preschool children. Your child’s day is planned to give him or her a variety of activities and experiences, which encourage his or her emotional, intellectual, physical and social development.

Richmond Preschool has an interesting inviting playground, with plenty of shaded space to explore. Each room is spacious and provides a variety of interest areas for the children. All children have a locker allocated to them for their day.


We have an open door policy where families are welcome at any time at preschool. We value the relationships that are developed between children and their fmilies and the preschool educators.

Helping Out

Being involved in our Mangement Committee is one way you can help out or you can help out with fundraising or events. We value your involvemnet in whatever way you can.


Fundraising is a way that preschool can raise additional funds to go towards purchasing extra resources and equipmnet or adding to our outdoor environment. Fundraising is organized each term and gives families the choice of being involved. e do a range of things, often many can be used for gifts for family members. We value every families efforts in supporting our fundraising


We are always open to donations. Whether it be equipment resources or monetary.  If you own your own business or know someone who can help us out we would be very grateful.

Sharing your skills

The children and educators love to have people come to visit to share their special skills with us. Please let us know if you have a skill or interest to share eg playing an instrument, creative skills, dancing cooking et


The Preschool Educators and Staff

The Richmond Preschool team consists of mature professional and experienced educators and staff;

  • 2 full time University trained Early Childhood Teachers – 1 is the Nominated Supervisor
  • 1 part time University trained early Childhood Teachers
  • 5 Ass Dip Social Science (Child Care)
  • 5 Certificate III assistants
  • 2 Support Educator
  • An Administration Officer
  • A Cleaner / Gardener

Many of the educators and staff have been with the preschool for years which ensures we provide a stable environment and also enables the children and families to build strong relationships with the educators. Educators work a mix of part time and full time on a set roster to support stability.

We have a higher educator/child ratio than required by regulations which provides greater quality in care and interactions.

The educators and staff demonstrate their commitment to the early childhood profession by attending professional development workshops each year to remain up to date with their knowledge and practices.

The children call educators and staff by their first name. All the educators and staff have current first aid certificates and CPR training.

Time is set aside for all educators to take part in professional development, collaboration, planning, preparation and reflection.


Richmond Preschool is funded by Department Education and Communities to provide education and care to children

  • between 3 to 5 years 
  • for a minimum of 15 hours a week (term time)

Funding is dependant on a childs age and equity status and hours of attendance, so set fees reflect this.

This is in line with governmnet recommendations for all 4 year old children to access 15 hours per week minimum of  preschool education. This is state governmnet funding.


Richmond Preschool has been assessed against the National quality Standards for Early Childhood Education and Care  in August 2018 and is currently rated MEETING overall.

These ratings have been awarded in accordance with the Education and Care Services National Law 2010 and the Education and Care Services National Regulations 2011


Quality Improvement

We believe in continuous improvement.

The educators and staff, Management Committee and families work together in contributing to our Quality Improvement Plan. Our Qulaity Improvement Plan  (QIP) is available on request, to parents of enrolled children.

On 1st June 2012, the National Quality Framework was established and aims to raise quality and drive continuous improvement and consistency in education and care services across Australia. This is assessed through a ratings and assessment visit.


For more information go to ACECQA ( Austalian Childrens Education and Care Quality Authority)


Richmond Preschool is a not for profit community based service, which is managed by a Parent Management Committee.

The preschools operation is overseen by the management committee. The Director/Nominated Supervisor is responsible for the day to day managemnet of the preschool.

Members of the Management Committee are parents who have a child attendingRichmond Preschool and is a financial member. All parents are encouraged to offer their service as a member of the Management Committee and are invited to our AGM in March. Meetings are held twice a term  in the evening at preschool.

Richmond Preschool management committee is comprised of 4 executive roles: President, Vice President, treasurer and Secretary and numerous general members.

The Management Committee is involved in making decisions in conjunction with the Director/Nominated Supervisor on a range of issues from staffing, purchasing resources, dealing with government departments, undertaking fundraiser’s and ensuring the smooth running of the preschool

Fresh faces and fresh ideas are an important part of keeping our preschool an interesting and exciting place for you and your child. We welcome parents to be involved and are always seeking members.

Your registration fee, paid on enrolment, ensures you are a financial member of the Association.

Richmond Preschool is incorporated under the Associations Incorporation Act.

Richmond Preschool is licensed by Dept Education and Communities and assessed to  ensure that all licensing requirements and regulations are met.