Summary of charges 2021

Registration Fee $50.00
Holding Deposit 2 weeks fees (at full fees) payable before child commences
4 yr old (attending 2 days) $31 per day
Christmas Levy $20.00 (cost of child's Christmas gift and craft)
Late Payment Fee $10.00
Late Pick Up Fee $5.00 per five minutes


Richmond Preschool has a fee subsidy available to families if you are holding a current Pension or Health care card. Subsidy claim forms are required to be completed and proof provided. Any parents who feel they may be eligible for a subsidy should enquire at the office.

Childcare Rebate

A Childcare rebate is available from Centrelink to assist eligible families. (Child Care Benefit for REGISTERED care.)

Under the scheme, a registered family will be eligible to claim a rebate where the parents are:

  • Working, or
  • Studying, or
  • Training, or
  • Looking for work, and they incur work related childcare expense with a person who is registered under the program to provide childcare.

You should contact your local Centrelink office for further details. Please remember to keep all your fee receipts for Centrelink.

You could also go to Registered Care to download a claim form (FA018).