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Our philosophy is simple, we believe children learn from real things and from things they actually experience in their environment. We believe all children are individuals who develop at their own pace. We feel play is essential to each child's development. Play is the process by which feelings, ideas and experiences are expressed and organised into a child's world.

Education is experiencing and understanding, which comes from personal participation and involvement. Learning is listening, looking, living, caring and experiencing. Children are actively involved in learning in a stimulating, safe and nurturing learning environment.

Richmond Preschool has a daily routine, which helps us provide a sense of security for the children in our care. Individualised and group learning programs are influenced by The Early Years Learning Framework, designed and implemented by highly experienced and trained educators.

Richmond Preschool - in the Hawkesbury

It is important that we provide opportunities for children to create, experiment, discover, explore, investigate, express ideas, and solve problems with the support of their peers and educators. We see children as being capable and resourceful, therefore we provide an environment that develops and extends a child's interests and strengths whilst encouraging further development.

Overall we aim to promote self-esteem, and positive attitudes to learning in an atmosphere which combines emotional, psychological, social, intellectual and physical security allowing opportunities for choice, fun, enjoyment, challenge and active participation in meaningful experiences.

Each child's diverse background is acknowledged and reflected in our values and opinions and is a vital resource in the building of relationships with children, families and educators.

Richmond Preschool - in the Hawkesbury

Our Aim is to encourage in each child:

  • Confidence and curiosity.
  • Happiness and honesty within themselves.
  • Interest in the world around them.
  • Growth in all areas of development.
  • Respect for themselves, others and the environment, through an atmosphere of warmth and security that nurtures independence and identity.
  • A sense of responsibility for their actions and behaviour.
  • Communication with those around them.
  • Positive interactions between family members, peers, educators and the community.

About Richmond Preschool

Richmond Preschool - in the Hawkesbury

Richmond Preschool is a non-profit community based service, which is managed by a Parent Committee.

Richmond Preschool caters for children three to five years of age in two rooms/groups, and is licensed for 40 children.

Richmond Preschool operates on a four-term basis coinciding with normal school terms. Any normal public holidays are observed by the preschool. These are exempt from fees.

Richmond Preschool is incorporated under the Associations Incorporation Act.

Richmond Preschool is licensed by the Family and Community Services and supervised by the Children's Services Officers from Family and Community Services ensuring that all licensing requirements and standards are met.

Richmond Preschool is an early learning educational centre for preschool children. Your child’s day is planned to give him or her a variety of activities and experiences, which encourage his or her emotional, intellectual, physical and social development.

Richmond Preschool - in the Hawkesbury

Richmond Preschool has an interesting inviting playground, with plenty of shaded space to explore. Each room is spacious and provides a variety of interest areas for the children. All children have a locker allocated to them for their day.

Richmond Preschool opens from 8.15 am till 3.45 pm (2017)- during School Terms.

Parents are welcome to visit Richmond Preschool at any time. Any families with cultural, musical or culinary interests are more than welcome to share these with the children.

Educators are always happy to discuss your child with you. In fairness to the other children and in lengthy or confidential matters we ask that you make an appointment with the educator so that the matters are given the attention they deserve.

Richmond Preschool - in the Hawkesbury

For those parents who wish to be involved in the preschool activities, we invite you to help out during the afternoon.

At Richmond Preschool your child‘s happiness and welfare are our main concern. If you are worried about your child in any way or just wish to know how he / she is going at preschool please feel free to speak to your child‘s educator. We are concerned with children as an individual and assess their needs and development continually. At all times we try to make the preschool an extension of the children‘s home environment with many new experiences and lots of new friends. As this is usually your child‘s first real step into the world outside his / her home, we aim to make is an enjoyable and valuable experience which your child will recall with fond happy memories through their childhood.

Richmond Preschool - in the Hawkesbury


As Richmond Preschool is a non-profit service, it is important that we have support from our families with fundraising and social events organised by the Management Committee. Monies raised by such events enable the purchase of additional equipment for the children and help to keep our fees at a reasonable rate for everyone. It can also be a fun way to meet other preschool families.

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